Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lazy Summer Days, coming to an end........well not quite yet!
The end of the summer is near.  People are starting to talk about school starting and getting back into a routine.  The kids have had such a fun summer, they go to the beach or swimming everyday.  They have it made! We still have my parents family vacation to look forward to, so lets don't call it over just yet.  It is in Wrightsville Beach in NC, which is where we used to go when I was a child.  I don't know if this trip is more fun for me of for the kids.  Maybe just being there makes me feel like a kid again. 

Playing in the soft sand.......the best

"A people free to choose will always choose peace." -- Ronald Regan

This picture of one of Suzanne Kaslers beach house spaces is one of my favorites.  The light greige  and white color with the pops of orange is so crisp. This rooms is refined but still playful and the bunks are a great use of space. 

Ladies all the ladies.  This was a special treat picture that was taken just for the blog.  These are my girlfriends toes, taken when we were in Las Vegas earlier this summer.  We have a little rainbow assortment here.  This is inspiring me for my next polish change......hum, which color will it be???  Silly girls.......

This Steven Grambel room is one I could live in.  It is the perfect beach house space.  I just did a similar driftwood table to go between two sofas for a client.  It is everyone's favorite thing in the house.  The natural shape of driftwood is so organic and artsy.  I love this coffee table and when I get some photos taken I will show you how my clients side table turned out.  You also have to love the white sofa, soft white sheer curtains and the blue suzani pillows......oh and the view doesn't hurt.  Yes, I would be quite happy here.

As  much as I love color, I still like the soft greys, tans and creams you see here in Lily's shell collection.  If I had the pleasure of owning more than one home I might try to do one in these natural tones.  These natural colors all together in nature are just beautiful......this would be great for the spa I dream about designing one day too!

Jimmy, oh Jimmy......Thank you for being you.  This little book is one that should be in every beach bag.  How he sees the world is just so spot on, and funny too.  It also does not hurt that he is such a cutie.  When my mom and I decided to take Jay (age 4) to NYC during the summer our philosophy for getting through our days was saying thank you to everything.  For instance, "Thank you Empire State Building Line, for looking like you were going to be about 5 minutes outside the building and then being over an hour once we got inside.  Really, Thank you, since I am standing here holding my 4 your old son!" really did help us to laugh in some intense situations.

We just watched the movie "Soul Surfer".  Wow, it is so inspiring.  Now seeing my little girl on this board gives me a whole new perspective.  Everyone should see this movie.  Bethany Hamilton is an amazing young woman.

"Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year - it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul."  ~Author Unknown

Who is having more fun at this 4th of July party?????......the kids or the adults........

Out with the old (summer drinks, that is....)
In with the NEW.........about 2 years ago Joe's aunt, Joby, became sick and had to move here closer to her treatments and family.  We all got a whole lot healthier during this time and learned a lot about food and nutrition.  A nutritionist even came in and stayed with the family for a few days to teach about how to shop at Whole Foods and to show how to cook the right way.  During this time we started drinking coconut water.  Joby's son Bobby is a Dr. and when he came to town we created this healthy refreshing summer drink.  We named it "The Joby" and it is made with Mount Gay Rum, Coconut Water and 1/2 of a fresh lime per drink................Oh and lots of ice.  Yum Yum. 

Summer soccer camp with best friends......fierce competitors

"Summa, Summa, Summa-time!.......let's just sit back and unwind"-- Will Smith
Once you have kids there is not a lot of unwinding, especially on the beach or on vacation.  But it is all worth it to create these summer memories for the little will be here soon enough.

A life without love is like a year without summer.  ~Swedish Proverb


  1. We had a Joby today!!
    West coast Conserva crew. xo

  2. one of the best yet! love it. although you were late this week, tisk tisk :)

  3. I know.....I am getting nervous I will be late this week too!....guess I will have to stay up till 2am again....just kidding.....thanks for reading, glad someone's what keeps me going from week to week....Jenny