Saturday, November 26, 2011

"A Collection"...........everybody needs one......

We collect a lot of things in our family.  I have always felt that everyone should collect something.  Something that gives them such great pleasure when they find another addition.  Especially, when you find one of the treasures, in a place where you are not even looking.  It can be a total discovery and a life long hobby.  I started this bell collection after a friend of mine gave me my first bell as a bridesmaid gift.  It inspired me to start this collection......oh and I have more collections, just keep reading.

"Collecting has been my great extravagance. It's a way of being. I collect for the same reason that I eat too much-I'm one of nature's shoppers."
Howard Hodgkin

Joe gave Jay and Lily two different cast net boxes, to start their collections.  This is Jay's collection box.  Notice the collection of Cars, Baccugan's (I have no idea how to spell that), and Geodes.  This is what I found when I opened up his box.  Now lets look at Lily's........

A little different.  Clearly, there is one color difference in the two collection boxes....Pink!....Honestly the two collection are pretty much night and day.  Lily chose sunglasses, baby doll bottles, a watch, a princess phone and goodness that a pink straight iron.  Wooo ah.  The teenage years sure are going to be interesting.  I think she just collects anything that is PINK. Thats my, girly girl. 

Jay is a natural born collector.  He always has multiples of "something" in his pockets.  One time after a dinner at our good friends restaurant, we went home for bath time and when Jay took off his shorts to get in the bath, we discovered he had two pockets full of rocks.  We decided to see how many rocks he had swiped from the restaurant and we counted 55 rocks.  I mean that is unbelievable.  Who would have even thought you could get 55 rocks in a 4yr old pair of shorts.  I Always knew he was a determined little guy.  It would be really cool if one day we poured out his pockets and there were 55 gold coins..........well, I guess we would have to return the gold coins, we got to keep the rocks....

 We collect these shells every year when we go on different trips and to the beaches of North Carolina.  The shells are so different in NC than where we live.  I have always loved the organic shapes and the soft relaxing colors.  I save them with hopes of doing something with them someday.  Together they tell a story of where we have been, and they make me feel at home.  We will collect more next year and as soon as we figure out what to do with them I will let you know!

It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire Robert Louis Stevenson quotes

So I was trying to think of cool collections and........there really is nothing much cooler that Slash's collection of  "Les Paul's".........that is sooooo Rockstar.......

So for about the last 7 yrs I have been buying Diane Von Furstenberg dresses mostly to wear to work.  They fit so well and they seem to be timeless.  I wish so bad my mother would have kept all her DVF wrap dresses from the 70's.  They would be really fun to have now.  I am going to keep mine for Lily because the styles and patterns seem to be more desirable, the more vintage they are.  And just look at all that color!  How playful they all are together.  Oh, and ebay is the place to look for the deals because they can be an investment. 

This green number with the white ginko leaf pattern is one of my favorites! 

The green toes-ies, went great with the green DVF this summer.....that green is one of my favorite colors. 

I don't know how this group collected itself together but it made me laugh.......have you ever played the game "which one of these things doesn't belong"?  Well, I think we all can tell who does not belong here but somehow they got together and became friends.  I guess that is what happens when you live everyday, together in the same bathtub.  Let this be a lesson to all, never judge.......friends for life. 

This is one of my clients elephant collections.......they are so cute!

Jay's car collection......

and his airplane collection......

"The Barnes Collection" is one of the largest collections of art owned by one person, in the world.  It is estimated to be worth about $25 billion dollars and is mostly works by Impressionist and Modernest masters.  Albert C. Barns was a chemist and after he made his fortune he began seriously collecting art. 

He purchased land in a residential neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA and designed a building to display all of his art.  One of the things that makes the collection so intriguing were his idiosyncratic arrangement of the art.  He also wrote in the by-laws that the arrangements could never be changed and none of the pieces could ever be lent or sold.  Everything must stay together the way he left it.  But modern times have made it hard for his foundation to keep up the exhibit so a judge ruled that they must move the exhibit to a new building in downtown Philly.  Although Mr. Barnes would not have liked this, I am sure these priceless works of art will be better taken care of in the long run.  Now that is a collection that I really hope to see one day. 

I know I have shown this picture before but this is our little tiny "Barnes Collection".  It is wrapped up tight somewhere in storage.  It might be small now but we are adding to it and each piece has meaning to us.  I can't wait to see it all again in a year (or so).  Opening these up again will surely be like Christmas. 

My mother started me a collection of vintage beaded and mesh bags years ago and she would give me a different bag every Christmas to add to my collection.  I want to give them to Lily one day. 

This one is my favorite, it looks like an abstract painting.  I think I might have it framed for the new house......might be fun in the powder room under the stairs. 

Lily and I collected the "Target" Missoni line for a while.  I just could not resist the boxes!

You all have probably figured out by now that I am starting to collect turquoise cuff bracelets.  As I get older I like bigger pieces and I really only wear bracelets and rings.  Plus, a turquoise cuff will never ever ever go out of style and you can wear it on so many occasions.  One exceptional accessory is all you really need to take you from day into night......and like many of you know, these days there is not always time to go home and change!

I hope everyone had a Thankful Thanksgiving and a Happy one too......J

Monday, November 7, 2011

So I took an adventure the week of our move.  It was a little aggressive to leave town right before the movers came but we had been packing all month and I could not change the dates of the "Roundtop" Antiques Festival to fit my schedule!  The dates are set and that's that.  I had always wanted to go to Roundtop, location about 2hrs from Houston TX, and the big shows are just twice a year, Spring and Fall.  Through the years I would read what my favorite designers, favorite things to do were.  Three favorite things I would read over and over were taking trips to Roundtop Texas,  Brimfield Mass. (another antiques fair like Roundtop) and of course the Paris Flea Markets.  So it was time for me to mark one of these items off my list.  Another designer friend of mine and I had plans to go to Paris this past September and it fell through so I was looking to find any other way to get inspired.  It was time to make the pilgrimage.  Not knowing much about Roundtop except the little I heard from some of my dealer friends about how wonderful it was and how great the people were, I booked a cabin (in the middle of nowhere) and was ready to go.  Since my friend had backed out of this trip too, I was a little nervous about going by myself.  So I asked the person who dragged me to antique store after antique store when I was little, my dad, if he would want to come along!  He was excited and what a great bonding time for us.  We had not spent time like this together in years.  So the adventure begins......

Adventure is worthwhile.” -- Aristotle

This was one of the first things I saw after we parked the car and started walking around.  I had to take a picture because it was about the greatest thing I had ever seen.  A cowgirl with an Airstream camper set up on the side of the road with this wonderful black and white striped umbrella.  She was selling this edgy cowgirl clothing with a feminine mix of lace and leather.  Plus accessories and art.  She has even more goodies inside that Airstream.  Too cool!

I know this is a bobcat, not a cougar, but this Cougarville sign just works so well with him.  He was actually in our cabin but the sign just goes to show you that you can find about anything at Roundtop.  

Now this.....

and then this......

Was I in vintage cowboy boot and turquoise heaven.....what!

I bought this little light while there and am going to have a girl that does some lighting for me to update the brass finish a little.  I might use it in the powder room.  Isn't it cute!

I love old buttons and this was pretty much a vintage button dream and they were so organized.  I really did try to pick a few out just to switch out on a jacket or to add to pillows, but it was just to much for me to comprehend.  So I did not buy any.  And since I did not buy any this trip I am planning on using this as an excuse to go back again.  Must get old buttons, Must get old buttons, Must get old buttons.........

 One of my friends asked me if I saw any cowboys......well now you know.....Where in the world do you think he got that hat! Clearly somewhere in Texas..... Love it!

We purchased this set of vintage metal "Salterini" outdoor chairs for a steal.  I think the set of 6 was only $800.  There is a similar set on 1stdibs for thousands of dollars.  You can really get some deals at Roundtop.  Many dealers go here to buy for there shops.  Shipping was pretty painless too and not to expensive.  The whole week made me dream about having a store one day.  Aren't these chairs so great.  They are really comfortable too.  I think my parents might use them on there sceened porch for a while.  I would not mind them ending up at my house one day too.  We talked about having them spray painted Robins egg blue, which along with pink was one of the original colors that these "Salterini" chairs came in.  So fun!!!!  I could have a store with just chairs, that would be it, nothing but chairs.  And each of their little personalities would make me so happy!

Can't be in Texas without seeing some Longhorn's.  Check this guy out.  I want a pair of those horns to accessorize with.  

Fun mid-century lighting......great prices!

This was a sursy my dad got my mom on our trip.  Maybe she will let me wear it once in a while, since I picked it OUT!  This guys family owned a pawn shop and he would take old pieces from the shop and update them.  He did a pretty good job here don't you think.   Ugh, Love. 

"Art must take reality by surprise. "
Francoise Sagan 

This is a new little treat for Lily's new room.  I just could not pass up this wonderful mid-century modern footstool upholstered in such a pretty little vintage Suzani

As you can see this suzani stool will go with Miss Lily's favorite color scheme, pink and purple, and it will just be fabulous with her Hello Kitty Halloween costume! 

This was the most couture Halloween decoration I saw this year.  Spraying your pumpkin with metallic paint must have been the thing to do.  I saw it a couple of times and thought it was such a cool idea.  This is the way to really jazz up your jack-o-lantern.  Tip to remember for next year!

Jay was black Spider-man and would not take off his costume for the whole week prior to Halloween.  He also had to take care of Patches, the bear, over the weekend (the one with the overalls).  Patches made a friend as you can see.  I think he had a good weekend.  I know Jay did.  

"Wine" is one of the fashion colors for the season.  So we are going to call my first fall color  "A Grape Appeal".  I think I was a "toe nail polish namer" in my previous life.  Feet look so much better with a tan.  Sorry guys, it will be a while before you see tan feet.  I won't torture you for the whole winter.......I will start showing my shoes or something. 

I would never laugh or make fun of anyone that struggles with there weight.  I have my own "muffin top" to deal with so I totally understand.  But you have to admit this costume is hilarious.  This guy made me laugh all night.  He was really having fun.  Something about that gold tutu and the pink bathing suite is just perfect!

These guys were at Roundtop too that week!  They were ready for Halloween early this year. 

"Eat, drink and be scary."  ~Author Unknown

I had such a great time with my Daddy on our adventure.  As you can see here he made a new friend with "Bob", the bobcat.  We laughed a whole lot, it will be a time with him that I never forget.  Hummmm where can I drag him next.  Oh, I have a bucket list, don't you know you dad. 

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me." ~Jim Valvano