Thursday, January 19, 2012

 LA LA great
Right before Thanksgiving Joe had a meeting in LA so I tagged along.  What a thrill it was to go to the Pacific Design Center at the end of Melrose.  It is 1,200,000 square feet of heaven, well at least my kind of heaven.  Needless to say, I did not get to see the whole place.  We only had time to do the ground floor.  But guess what, I will be going back!  I might get through it easier without my husband.  Although, he really was a trooper!  I think he was just in complete amazement at this place.  It really is unbelievable. 

Here he is right in the thick of it.  Just the building itself is so cool.  I mean he is pretty cool too but just look at this place. 

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."
— Joe Sparano

Oh and who would be right across the street......but our old pal Balenciaga.  No I did not go in.  I was to busy at PDC buying pillows!

"Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude."
— Ralph Marston

And this is why.....yes, I own the two on the left....are they unbelievable or what!  There made by a fabric designer in LA who dyes her own fabrics am makes these treasures.  I am not kidding it was total eye candy when I walked in this showroom.  I was overwhelmed by the color.  And these pillows can go outside on a covered porch too.  Tie-dye patterns are just so interesting and the colors you can get are amazing. 

Oh I own this one too.  Oopsy. This is why I could not go into Balenciaga.

I want to do these for one of my clients.  Wouldn't they be great on two twin beds.  So stinking cute.

"If design becomes your life, you can be sure a lot of people will be making their living thanks to your designs."
— AndrĂ©s Contenti

And here you go.....look at the options.  I just had to take a picture of all of this wonderful color and pattern.

One last pair for you.  I have more pictures of other pillows if you all ever want to see them, but I figured I would stop here today.  You could work them into so many different types of interiors because of all the color options.  And they have such a relaxed playful feel, just perfect for me. 

After we left the Pacific Design Center we decided to stop and get a drink.  We saw a cute little watering hole and OMG! Right in front of me, there it was......The home of Kelly's Wearstler's future flagship store.  Oh I wished so bad it was open.  Just another reason to go back and actually I believe it has opened since our trip.  

Luckily, I found this sneak peak of the inside of the store so we can get the idea.  Looks pretty fun to me!  Wow, that light looks like it might have been used in battle during the Middle Ages.  Kelly, you really can get away with anything, can't you. 

Now we are off to the Rose Bowl flea market!

Yes, I dragged him here too.  But what a day and what kind of treasures would we find....

"We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things."
— Herb Kelleher

The scene was festive...

Everyone was happy and ready to look at junk.....there is even an ATM right outside for you to get cash and make a deal.  How excited do you think I was. 

I wish I would have sat in these chairs.  It is such a great little outdoor set but those chairs might not be that comfortable.  So we were not buying these today but I do love the look....especially, if we recovered those seat cushions in some fun bright Trina Turks outdoor line for Lee Jofa....

One of these would work just that would cheer anyone up!

I have dreams about this telephone.  I am so excited about getting a vintage phone for the new house's land line and right here it was!  And I totally forgot to go back and buy it before we left.  We had to go straight to the airport from the market in Pasadena and I just was not thinking.  I know it was not meant to be but she really was perfect.  She is on this really cool acrylic base too.  Booo Hooo.  Maybe she will still be there when I go back, doubt it.  

Didn't get these either but how fun would they be reupholstered in a peacock blue linen velvet.  Now seriously, I am sick about this too.  What was I doing that day.  I was so busy taking pictures I forgot to buy anything.  Probably could not have gotten them on the plane anyway......but that is what shippers are for, and I use them often.

Here is the color blue but in a linen velvet.......yummy.......I am going to look through my fabrics right now to see if I can find one!

Now do you think these two were really friends.  They look mighty happy hanging out here together. And look at ol' Jacqueline practicing her yoga poses.  Is that how they all looked so good back then.  They were doing yoga before it was even cool.  Now all you middle aged boys, I know you are getting excited about seeing this picture.  Brings back memories doesn't it.   My Jay will be a teenage boy one day too.  I wonder who he will have on his wall.  Oh my......

There really is something for everyone here......

And I hope this does not offend anyone reading this but I am not showing you this picture for the jewelry.  Does anyone else think this is funny......she is out there and loving it!

Just a example of a mid century piece that has been updated with paint.  Wouldn't this be great for a kids nightstand.   

Last post we talked about the color "Red" and I forgot to include this picture of these red reading glasses by Eyebob.  Joe's first cousin's husband had them on at one of our family dinners and I just had to snap a shot to show you.  I won't dread wearing reading glasses in a few years just knowing that there are these kinds of playful designs out there!  And I do not know if you have seen the Eyebob cases but they are just as cool as the actual glasses and you can pick the case you like best. 

I know we are all very over the holidays and ready for spring but I also forgot to show you my favorite holiday decoration......these reindeer candles.  They remind me of decorations out of the 50's.  The only problem is they do not last long.  But it was fun for one long meal. 

Favorite outfit of the Christmas holiday's......more Oilily from ebay.....faux fir at age 3, love it!

I though I would talk a little about some of my favorite Christmas presents from this past season. First of all, can you stand it!  This little pair of TOMS for babies is quite ridiculous .  Everything about them is cute, even the inside red and white striped lining.  Joe picked these out for our niece all by himself.  TOMS, they really do make it easy for you.  Such a cool company. 

One of my other favorite gifts was the photograph I gave Joe for Christmas.  We both have always liked Rock and Roll photography and are starting quite a collection of photos of our favorite artists.  He is a little obsessed with Pearl Jam, but really what's not to love.  And this guy, well ladies I am sure you all get it.  So he mentioned one time that one day he would love a really great picture of Eddie and this is what I found.  Here he is coming off the stage at a show in Italy.  I like the whole composition of this photograph.  His expression looking at the camera, the texture of the crowd, the architectural element of the amphitheater.....I even like that towel in his back you think I could have that towel, just kidding.  I have been trying to tell what is in his hand and I was convinced it was a fancy Italian wine, being in Italy and all......but it could just be good old Jim Beam.  It is a bottle, and that is all I really know......

"Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up."- Pablo Picasso

Oh and I will tell you about my present another day but it is really exciting!

I was going to get Rachel, who works with me,  a couple of these awesome Ryan McGuiness editions,  of teNeues Composition books for Christmas.  What a perfect notebook to carry into a meeting where you are taking notes about design.  But they were sold out everywhere and we cannot get them.  So if anyone knows where to get them we need them bad and will take better notes with them, I promise. 

One last exciting Christmas gift, the Indian princess costume with the great headress from etsy.  I should show you the headress I wore over Christmas.  Found it when looking for Lily's feather headband.  Ok I will go take a picture of it right now......

And here it is.....there are some really beautiful headbands and head dresses on etsy......all handmade of course.  So when you want to spice things up or are feeling a little festive, here you go.  I really wish I had had it to wear for my wedding, very pretty and feminine.  

Here is a new picture from Andrew from when he took the Christmas pics.  I am obsessed with my little muses.....

“Smile at each other, smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other -- it doesn't matter who it is -- and that will help you to grow up in greater love for each other.” - Mother Teresa