Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Birthday........hubby's
If my husband wanted to be remembered any way, I think this might be it.  He is quite the outdoors-man and is becoming more so every season.  He is a good man and he loves getting the perfect sporting picture of himself!.......yes we have deer heads and stuffed ducks too.  This year he went to Argentina to hunt doves with his father.  I don't really get it but I am glad he has hobbies that he loves.  Happy 39th honey.

"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they are in each other all along" --- Rumi

So we took an overnight trip to NYC this past Friday for Joe's birthday and we stayed here at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  Ok so I have a new favorite hotel.  The owner has one of the largest contemporary art collections and some of it is displayed here at the hotel.  There were million dollar pieces just hanging around all over the place.  That is not normal!  But I love it........

A number of Warhol's grace the walls of the "Rose Bar" where we had drinks at the end of the night.  The owner was also once a partner in the nightclub "Studio 54", so as you can imagine he was friends with the most Avant Garde, artist types. 

I really think this might have been our room.......don't you just love people who are not scared of color.....I wish I could work on such a crazy project.

This piece of art is by George Condo.....I saw his exhibit at the "New Museum" last time I was in NYC.....I have to be honest, he is a little to over the top for me......some of his pieces scare me.  But the "Jade Bar" here at the hotel was still really great.  There is velvet all over this place. 

And well here you go.......I could live in this room.  This light installation is unbelievable.  I think they told us there are 16,000 light bulbs in the installation.  Only 95 light up but still.  Can you imagine if all 16,000 lit up.  You would probably go blind.  Oh and there were 4 or 5 Damien Hirst pieces here.  On was a butterfly piece that was beautiful.  Joe seemed to like all the art, which was fun to see. 

So one of the main reasons to go to NYC this weekend was because the Alexander McQueen exhibit "Savage Beauty" is going on and ends August 7th.  It is the most seen exhibit ever at "The Met".  The line was up to 3 hrs long.  I will give you all a tip and you might already know, but if you want to go see an exhibit like this then get a membership to the museum. It was the best $70 I have ever spent, we did not have to pay admission, Joe got in for nothing, we got to jump the whole line and I got 10% off on the book that I purchased.  I think I made money on the deal.  It was crazy but so glad we got to see it.  What talent, so dark and so tragic. 

So the fact that Joe went to the fashion exhibit with me was amazing.  We have slightly different ideas about fashion.  We don't buy each other clothes anymore because it never seems to work out.  So there will always be differences between people but that is what keeps it interesting.  I know that I can always give him a gift certificate to Halfmoon Outfitters and he will be just fine.  I did actually get him a photograph for his birthday and I think he really appreciates, and likes it.  Who knows, at least he acted like it!

I just love this photograph.  I saw it in a large, 8' x 10' size on a white wall at market and it just took my breath away.  Isn't it so sweet.  I am not really a horse person but this is truly beautiful.  Reminds me of being in love.  

 Joe really really wanted me to post this cute.......he wants all you lovely people to see his 100 pound tarpon, caught on fly.......its not a pair of new Manolo Blahnik's, but it is a catch that he is very proud of......hummm.....I have been to the keys with him and tarpon fishing is very cool......everybody's got there thing!

Another one of my favorites of our family photographs.  Joe is such a good dad.  He loves his children more than anything.  I hope they will always appreciate him as much as I do.  So I guess, I better start planning the big 40, one year and counting.  Oh but not me!...I still have a little over 2 years...shooo weee

"Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without."  ~James C. Dobson


  1. Loved the fishing pics of Joe!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend in the city!
    Such a great blog---and thank you so much for all you have done for me in the last few weeks! Will never know how you manage it all!

  2. LOVE the blog! I've read every one of them! You put good information, but also keep it personal, which is so nice! You're very talented, Jenny. Take care sweet girl!

  3. your girlfriends have beautiful feet/toes