Friday, June 17, 2011

Serenity Now........Please
 I am about to start an install for a client and as of today the house is not finished being built!  It will all be ok but they are having a party on July 4th and have invited people stay in all of the bedrooms.  Yikes.  Will it really be ok.  Someone, please tell me!

This hangs in my office.  No day is the same for me and there are times (like right now) that I really wonder if I can pull it all off professionally.  Women try to do so much and right now I am having to take deep breaths to get through it all.  Sometimes when I look at my babies I just think I should give it all up.   But, I am glad they see me get up every day and go out to do something I really do love.  I just try not to let them see me stressed or frustrated.  My husband and I have a policy called "Leave it in the Car".  This means that if you have had a bad or crazy day, once you get home it is all about the kids and no bad moods!  

I found this old French iron ships wheel and my clients flipped out about it.  They like architectural details and this wheel has such pretty lines and is really interesting.  So, we just had to figure out something to do with it.  We discussed a table and some other things, but we decided to make it into a light fixture to go over their kitchen island at in the new beach house.  My lighting girl has made it into a light fixture, but I have not seen it yet.  It weighs almost 100 lbs so I am totally freaked about hanging it.  We put extra blocking in the ceiling and I have to get it hung before she gets into town!  I don't think I can have her standing there watching us hang it!  She will be biting her nails, as will I.  Once it is up, I will show you guys how WONDERFUL it turned out.  Prayers would be helpful here! 
Here are some fabrics that we are using in the beach house.  Some are for pillows, some for headboards and some for window treatments.  You have to guess what is what today, but I will certainly take pictures when it is all pulled together!  

I found these blue suzani pillows at one of my favorite local antique stores, 17 South Antiques. I see suzani's all the time but I have never seen all blue.  Usually they are such warm colors, so to find these cool blues was perfect for the beach house!  I love old suzani textiles so I am excited get to throw these into the mix. 

Well the blue toes this week are called "Ogre the Top Blue".  They are Ogre the top alright!  But they work so well with all my client's blue I went for it!  It is not the exact blue but it really was the best one they had.  I thought I would only keep the color for a couple of days but I am actually starting to like it.  It adds so much life to one of my favorite pairs of shoes, these camel colored "Coclico's".  These shoes go with everything. 

 More fabrics for you to guess where they are going.  I will give you a hint though, the blue and red paisley linen fabric is two roman shades and one cafe shade in the kitchen.  I was trying to decide on the butlers pantry / laundry room form the other guys.  They are all great but we could only choose one. 

"I try to take one day at a time but sometimes several days attack me at once"--Jennifer Yane

I found these blue and white batik pillows at furniture maket and they were one of my favorite finds.  Then I came across these graphic batik throws and am going to make this one into pillows.  These batik patterns have a very relaxed feel and work great for the beach.

I do not really care for mass produced accessories.  I have always enjoyed looking for one of a kind finds.  These will be making it out to the house soon, which is sad because they look go good in my office.  Ahhhh, guess I will just keep exploring for more, which is fine with me since I love to shop!

Now I know everything is going to be fine and turn out great, I really always have worked better under pressure.  I am more excited than anything, well except I am a little nervous about hanging that light!

"The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it" --unknown

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  1. Hi Jenny, lovely blog, I found it through Pink Wallpaper and was so happy to see a familiar face! Your children are adorable and your design work is amazing as I remember everything being fantastically over the top at Meredith!