Friday, June 3, 2011

Can it be?  Pop Art, here on Sullivans Island?  What!
This is me and my new friend "Standing Bull".  He is an Andy Warhol that just happens to be living about 5 minutes from my house, right now!  This is the coolest.  Some friends own the Everett White Gallery on Sullivan's Island, and  they have acquired this show of Pop Art which will be here for the next few months.  It is really fun and exciting to have this caliber of art right in my backyard.  I was lucky enough to be able to get a personal tour from Issa Ababseh, curator at Hamilton Selway Fine Art in LA.  He walked us through, told us about each artist and how his gallery acquired the pieces.  We learned about different printing processes and why some pieces were more valuable than others.  When I go to LA in the fall, he said I could come visit the gallery and see everything.  YESSSS!  Maybe Justin Timberlake will be there when I am.  Issa has sold pieces to celebs like him and Janet Jackson.  If so, I promise I will get his autograph for you all to see.  

 On a serious note, if you are in the area you have to come see this show.  It really is a special treat to have something like this in Charleston.  

One of my favorites in the gallery right now is "Vivian" by Alex Katz. She really looks like a Vivian doesn't she? My mother has a thing about ladies in hats, and this hat sure does make a statement.  The black against that yellow and the sunglasses---she really is as cool as ice.  I wonder where she got that hat?  Love.  

Since we are talking about Warhol, who was one of the most celebrated artists of his time, I have to bring up Shepard Fairey.  He actually grew up with my husband and sister-in-law here in Charleston,  and I have heard people say that he is the Andy Warhol of today.  It is hard to realize, in the present, exactly what a statement like that means.  Shepard is most famous for the Obama "Hope" poster, but started out with the "Obey Giant" sticker.  He is also known for painting graffiti all over the country.  He did the above installation in Charleston at an art studio and event space called Eye Level Art.  We were also able to see a large installation of his at Art Basel which was lit up at night, making it quite impressive.   

 I just finished reading Steve Martin's novel,  AN OBJECT OF BEAUTY.  It is really good if you are interested in  learning about the New York art scene.  Andy Warhol's controversial "Flowers #65" is on display in the Everett White Gallery.  The "Flowers #65" print has significant meaning in the book, so it was really cool to see it in person. And yes, the author is Steve Martin, the comedian.  He is actually quite a talented writer. 

Takashi Murakami became famous for this Louis Vuitton design that was popular a few years back. Upon seeing Murakami's, "Flowerball 3-D", it was obvious which Louis V bag he had designed. I would love to be able to purchase one of his art pieces for Lily's room.  They are so quirky, colorful and fun.  Makes me smile!  

Since we are on the subject of Sullivan's Island, I thought I would show you some of my favorite homes on the Island. Although there are many different types of architecture on Sullivan's, there is still a relaxed island feel.  This first home has a Victorian flair and  is just so darn sweet!  I could actually see it in the Bahamas.  The round porches and decorative railing give this house such character.  The  next photo shows the classic "old school" beach cottage.  The topography of Sullivan's Island allows for many of these houses to be hidden by fauna and flora. You really have to get on a bike or go for a walk to see everything.  I am still discovering new houses out there.  Some, like this 2nd one, are nice and tucked away, creating a little "bohemian wonderland". 

This house was built a few years ago, and it could truly be in "Dwell" magazine  Because of its modern design, the house is different from the typical beach cottage you see on the Island  The house is warm and has some really interesting details such as a stained grid pattern plywood ceiling.  It is nice to see people doing things a little differently, and wow if you could see their view! We are convinced it is the nicest on the beach. 

This Sullivan's Island home is my artist friend's, Anne Darby Parker.  The street she lives on is my favorite street in the Charleston area, Officers Row.  This was where the Officers lived during the Civil War..  There are 6 or so houses that all look exactly alike except for modern updates and paint changes.  They are gorgeous old homes, as you can see by looking here at Anne's.  There is so much history in Charleston, and I have the most respect for people who take on these historic properties and maintain them. 

Now, I would be perfectly happy right here.  Love the classic beach house for me.  Maybe one day..........

 Every girl needs a pair of red shoes.  What a party on your feet!  Anyone stepping out in red shoes is feeling sassy.  And what goes better with red than purple.  Purple and red are one of my favorite color combinations.  After I got the red "Paul Green's",  I just had to have purple toes.  This color combination is so majestic and rich.  I feel like a queen.  The purple toes are a little crazy, but they are keeping life interesting for the week.  The color, "A Grape Fit",  also looks really nice with Warhol's "Cow 1976".  He actually drew this cow for his mom and ended up turning it into wallpaper.  I believe Issa told us he wallpapered his mothers entire kitchen in this paper.  Now that would make you drink your milk!

And yes I splurged this week and bought some flowers from the Farmers Market.  There is just so much color in this week's post that they go perfectly.  It is not too much of a splurge. Just $8 and we are supporting local farmers.  These flowers are so wild and unpredictable.  Each bouquet is different every week, but hydrangeas out of the yard next week!

 Oh and Joe informed me that I got the "Limie" recipe wrong last week.  So let me try again....
1.  large pot 
2.  1 twelve ounce can Limeade 
3. 12 pack Sprite Zero 
4.  24 ounces of Mount Gay Rum
5.  3 drops of green food coloring
6.  Stir very well
Freeze over night and chip away at the ice with a large spoon.  Tasty!
Did I get it right this time honey??

One last piece from the show, "Love #12, From the Book", by Robert Indiana.  There is that word again shown here in such bold color.  I think I could do a whole post on how the word "Love" is used artistically.  Oooh, that could be a good one for the week of Valentines!  Anyway, love to all---have a great weekend, J

Art is what you can get away with - Andy Warhol

professional photos courtesy of Then Now Later On and unprofessional by Jenny


  1. Great post. Interesting about Steve Martin's book.. I will have to check that out. We went to the Andy Warhol exhibit a couple of years ago in San Francisco and was surprised at how much I did not know about him and his work.

  2. Hi Jenny, my mom Patsy Boren forwarded me your blog. I think she went to highschool or college w/ your mom? Great to find your blog & cute posts. I have a store in Atlanta called Pieces. Stop by if your ever in town. Best, Lee