Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life is CRAZY......
So I am not really keeping up with my end of this bargain and getting my posts out every Friday.  Well since last time we spoke live has gotten even more exciting.  Or actually I would call it just completely crazy, but exciting too.  So right before we left for the beach vacation a realtor called us on a Saturday.  She had shown our house about 3 yrs earlier when we had it on the market and had a client who loved it and wanted to see if we were still interested in selling.  So long story short, she showed it to them the following day on Sunday and Monday they made us a offer.  Wednesday they gave us earnest money, Thursday we signed the contract and now we have to be out by Sept. 30th....yikes......soooooo, what are we going to do.....well the only thing we know is we are going to build our house.....everything else is a big ???????????????

This is the house where I had both of my babies......Luckily, so far I have been to busy to think about this.  This is going to be emotional but I am really excited!.......We designed this other house 3 yrs ago, had the lot cleared and all the permits, we were ready to go.....I had studied the plan so much, when I close my eyes I could feel myself walking through all of the spaces.  We got scared because we had not sold our house yet so the whole project was put on hold.  I was sad because I had thought out every single inch of space and was emotionally involved........but we are all healthy and happy, and love where we live so the sadness passed.  I really thought this opportunity would never come up again but I really think it is going to work out this time! insane.....

This is my mom and Lily.  She is here helping me out during one of Andrews photo shoots.   My parents have been amazing through out the whole process, the process of the house and the process of daily life.  We have to be out so quickly we are probably going to have to move in at their house they have here in Charleston.  Luckily, for her sake, it is a second home so she is not here all the time.   But mom I promise! we will not be living in your house for the whole year it takes to build our house.  Thanks again for all the help......

 Ahhhh, Alex Prager and Mona Kuhn.  Both amazing color photographers.  These are the two pieces I want for the new house but I cannot (and will never be able to) afford.  I am no feminist but I love that these two women have made such a name for themselves in the photography world.  I love the vintage "Hitchcock" feel of Alex Prager and I love the soft European erotic feel of Mona Kuhn.  I better start saving my dough, or maybe I should just take a photography class..... 

So my toes this week are inspired by this painting by Sally King Benedict.  There is a pop of an electric pink color right in the center of this painting that I just fell in love with.  I did an editorial for "Charleston Home Magazine" this week.  It will be in the next issue of the magazine but I used this Sally King Benedict painting in the editorial and it just looked so good, well, oopsy, I had to buy it.  The coral and pink are just scrumptious, and so much more vibrant in person.  I will post the magazine picture when it comes out just so you can see it in all its glory.  I am soooo excited it is amazing.  Ok, so one wall filled in the new house. 

Help!.....we really are having a hard time finding a place to live.  So, now that no one is buying houses it seems it is a renters market.  Who would have thought, there would be NOTHING to rent.  Wow, I know it will all work out but it sure is a different story once you start looking.  Back at it tomorrow.  Oh, and tomorrow is Labor Day.  Happy Labor day!

We have been spending time playing in the backyard.  The weather is nice in the afternoon and there is a sentimental feeling for Joe and I while we spend the last few weeks with the kids here.  Jay ran down the hall tonight after I had put him in bed  and said he did not want to build a new house.  He wanted to make sure everything was going to come to the new house and that we were not going to leave anything.  Not one thing.  He is a sensitive little thing, which I LOVE.  Trying to explain everything to him was the first time I got teary.  I was 8yrs old when my parents built our house and I totally remember it.  My kids might be a little young but I hope they do remember, at least a little.  Guess I will have to take a lot of pictures, and you knoooooow I will do that. Ha

"The best is yet to come" -- my daddy

I might not be around that much until we get moved but count on me coming back in full force this October.  I am really excited about being able to share the house building process with you.  I will keep you posted, literally!  Best, Jenny


  1. Jenny,
    I found you thru my friend Sherri at Inside Out Designs. Love your blog and am your newest follower. How exciting for you to be starting on such a big, new adventure! Can't wait to see how things progress! Would love for you to visit me! I will be back often!

  2. Hi Jenny - I'm here in NZ and have had something similar happen to us in the last few weeks. We were thinking of selling...maybe...and a knock at the door brought an offer. We have until December to move, so a bit more time, but selling the idea into our 2 girls (6 and 8) is heart wrenching. I know it is a good decision as our house won't work so well as they get older but they are happy here and see no point in 'leaving'. Parenting and guilt seem to go hand in hand!

    Good luck with leaving your home. We left our 'forever home' in London and as hard as that was, it was a good decision and I just remember the happy time we had there. I'm sure your kids will get caught up in the fun of moving - I think it's us who feel sick every time the kids talk about their old house!

    We used to live in Greenville, SC, so love following your happenings in Charleston, our favourite escape! Annie x.